2023 Year End Giving

The holiday season is traditionally a time of sharing, a time of caring, and a time of giving. We are united in gratitude for our loved ones and those who care for us in our time of need.

The devoted physicians, nurses, and caregivers at St. Mary’s Medical Center take great pride in giving our patients the most precious gift of all – the gift of good health.

We also honor the generosity of grateful patients and good friends who play a vital role in our hospital’s development into a leading healthcare center in San Francisco. Generations of donors are responsible for keeping St. Mary’s on the cutting edge of dramatic life-saving advances in medical science.

Charitable, tax-deductible contributions provide critical funding to our core services like our Emergency Department and our renowned Centers of Excellence, including:

Women's Health
Our physicians provide hope, healing and recovery for women facing significant health challenges
Adolescent Behavioral Health
An acute inpatient rehabilitation unit and outpatient education and therapy program serving 11-17 year-old teens and their families
Cancer Care 
A comprehensive range of diagnostic and treatment options in a compassionate, personalized setting
Our fellowship-trained joint surgeons specialize in hip, knee, foot/ankle, and elbow conditions
Extensive cardiology services in one setting, all to make sure your heart keeps beating strong
Surgical Services
No matter what procedures you need, our surgical teams provide skilled, expert care
Rehab and Therapy Care
Our expert physical, occupational, and speech therapists work with patients to help restore good health

As we look to the future, we hope you will support St. Mary’s Medical Center. As the giving season continues, your gift to good health and our Centers of Excellence will keep our community hospital at the forefront of medical care.

Your gift will do many things:

  • It will help us continue to upgrade equipment and improve facilities,
  • It will help train doctors, nurses, and technologists in the latest techniques,
  • And it will help us maintain a hospital environment where human kindness counts.



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