John Umekubo, MD

Frequently sighted throughout the halls of St. Mary’s is Dr. John Umekubo. With his warm smile and reassuring presence, the hospital has been honored to have John in the Medical Staff since 1977. From Intern of the Year to Chief of Staff and now Medical Director of Information Technology Services, Dr. Umekubo has been through all the ins and outs of the hospital, and we would be hard pressed to find anyone more loyal.

Born and raised in the bay area, Dr. Umekubo attended St. Ignatius High School and the University of San Francisco. Since his teenage years, he has had a passion for music. Forming a band with some of his schoolmates, he has played at almost every high school and community event. He and his band “The Bold Rebels” are musical legends. Equal to his passion for music, John has always enjoyed science and the art of healing and medicine, which naturally led to his career of being a doctor. After a brief stint in the South at the St. Louis School of Medicine, John came right back to San Francisco. St. Mary’s has been fortunate to have him ever since.

Often described as humble and self-effacing, Dr. Umekubo remains one of St. Mary’s greatest supporters and friend. He is an intelligent and influential communicator. He has helped solicit over $3 million in contributions to the Foundation from his grateful patients, who adore him and in turn have become faithful patients of the hospital Through his countless donor meetings and technical seminars, it is clear that John truly understands the needs of the hospital and the work of the Foundation.  




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