Annual Raffle 2014

Thank you for all who participated in our 2014 Benefit Drawing. This year, we were fortunate to have over 500 participants, raising over $21,500 for the Spine Robot. The winning tickets were pulled on September 24th by Sisters Mary Kilgariff and Gloria Miller in honor of Mercy Day. Look for our raffle next year for more prizes and fun!

Below is the list of winners: 

  • Mario Aquilino
  • Margie Belluomini
  • Jim Bruce
  • Martha Callan
  • Diane Chang
  • Phyllis Charlton
  • Erin Chin
  • James Y. Chin
  • Harry Deering
  • Stan Falk
  • Annie R. Fuller
  • Patricia M. Gobui
  • Rita S. Godward
  • Stewart Hughes
  • Vard Ikeda
  • Carole Kilgariff
  • Tim Kirsch
  • Debbie Kolhede
  • Taylor Long
  • Eric Monterrosa
  • North Tower Environmental
  • Stephen O’Kane
  • Alice Ornellas
  • Ryan Perry-Smith
  • Arthur Sera
  • Henry Shishmanian
  • Mathew Stockslager
  • Nancy S. Tribble
  • Lois M. Webb
  • Tim Yager 

What Will Your Money Benefit?

Half of all Americans will complain to their doctor of back pain. It is a leading cause of disability in young adults and the most common occupational injury. With the increase of complexity in cases being seen by our Spine Center, we want to serve this growing need with the newest technological advancement in spine technology - The Spine Robot. This operating robot offers many advantages to patients and surgeons including improving safety of surgical procedures, lowering clinical complication rates, reducing exposure to radiation, and faster recovery times.

Proceeds provide resources for growth and excellence at St. Mary’s. With your help, we make great medicine possible. 100% of every ticket purchased contributes to patient care, medical research, and education at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

Thank you!




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