McAuley Psych Unit Receives New Funds

The McAuley Adolescent Psychiatric Unit at St.Mary's recently received funding from two generous donors in the community: The Annunziata Sanguinetti Foundation and the Geneva Excelsior Lions Club.

Though other adolescent psychatric programs have closed their doors, St. Mary's remains committed to this vital program, serving youth whose emotional problems are impacting their psychological, educational, and social functioning.

The Sanguinetti Foundation supports the outpatient program and the Lions Club supports the inpatient program. Both funders are providing support for a program entitled, "The Points Store," which is a behavioral modification program. It teaches at-risk youth, who often have histories of abuse and neglect that good behavior will be reinforced with positive outcomes. Many teens that enter these units have never received positive reinforcement or seen the "fruits of their labor" flourish. Many have only been scolded, treated unfairly, or endured harsh consequences for their actions, and never received positive reinforcement.

They learn that if one works hard and treats other people with respect he/she will sometimes receive an award or "present," and they learn essential life and accounting skills. The "Points" program allows patients to earn fake money with good behavior. They can then "shop" for incidental items, such as gift cards, sports equipment, hygiene products (very popular!), jewelry, paper and writing utensils, etc.

St. Mary's is one of the many projects supported by the Annunziata Sanguinetti Foundation and the Geneva Excelsior Lions Club and we thank them for their generosity and tradition of civic leadership!  




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