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St. Mary’s Foundation knows there are few opportunities for women to gather with physicians and health care supporters in a non-medical environment. We know there is nothing more intimidating than a doctor’s office or hospital visit. We created our Women & Medicine group in 2010 a way to socialize, network, and get to know medical staff outside of those visits.

Women & Medicine (W&M) is a philanthropic group forum for women to gather and share ideas, discuss current topics in health care and medicine that affect women, and to review the most pressing needs of St. Mary’s Medical Center.

Mary Rotunno, Chair of Women & Medicine and St. Mary’s Foundation Board Member
Dr. Saman Kannangara, Medical Director of Infectious Diseases, St. Francis Memorial Hospital
Dr. Loan Tran, Director of Radiation Oncology, St. Mary’s Medical Center
Dr. Pamela Lewis, Breast Surgeon and Director of St. Mary’s Women’s Center








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