Women & Medicine

About Us

St. Mary’s Foundation knows that there are few opportunities for women to gather with physicians and health care supporters in a non-medical environment. We all know that there is nothing more intimidating than a doctor’s office or hospital visit. How can we socialize, network, and get to know the medical staff outside of those visits?

Our answer is Women & Medicine (W&M), a group of supporters who meet for fun and relaxation with doctors and hospital staff.  We are a philanthropic group of donors who contribute a membership fee annually and each year decide on an important hospital project to fund.  Our gatherings have fascinating speakers such as Drs. Pam Lewis, Richard Podolin, and David Priest. Here are some of the exciting things the group has been up to:

  • Spring meeting at the beautiful Cambria Gallery in San Francisco with new Chair and Hospital CEO/President, Pam Lindemoen
  • Private pre-season party at Giants AT&T Park with hotdogs, a batting cage, and our very own series of scoreboard messages
  • Insider’s peek at the San Francisco Zoo where we had Tanya Peterson, President and Executive Director of the zoo where we had a flamingo named Sister Flamingo!

W&M is committed to make a difference at St. Mary’s. Each year the group meets in the fall and supports a significant project that directly impacts the hospital.  In the past, the group provided significant funding for the development of the first women’s health center at the hospital. We never lose sight of our purpose – to support the efforts of St. Mary’s to improve patient care and advance its medical technology.