Honor Your Caregiver

You Make a World of Difference

CLICK HERE to view photos of our celebration honoring our 2017 top 10 caregivers! 

Each day at St. Mary’s Medical Center incredible acts are happening.  Our staff gives each patient their all.  Have you ever had a hospital experience that made you feel like a specific caregiver made a world of difference during your stay?  Be it a physician, nurse, technician, chaplain, sister, housekeeper, server in the cafeteria, or other caregiver – you remember that one bright smiling face.

Congratulations Caregivers and Thank You Donors for Your Tributes!

Thanks to the quality care that our caregivers provide, our donors have contributed nearly $20,000 and over 50 caregivers were honored during 2017 National Doctors’ Day and Nurses’ and Hospital weeks.

Thank you for showing your appreciation in the most meaningful way possible: by helping us continue to deliver our ability to care with humankindness.