Annual Raffle 2013

This year, our annual raffle benefits the St. Mary’s McAuley Institute Adolescent Psychiatric Programs.With your help we were able to raise over $18,500 that provides a safe haven for the troubled youth of San Francisco. With the funds raised we will now be able to provide additional support for classroom supplies, calming tools, and therapeutic care.

Thank You!

Congratulations St. Mary's 2013 Raffle Winners

1. Stephen Levin 

2. Judy Nejasmich 

3. Peggy Nevin 

4. Linda Randle 

5. Kate & Frank Charlton 

6. John A. Selle 

7. John A. Selle 

8. Josephine Migala 

9. John Page 

10. Virginia Masuoka 


Grand Prize: Daniel Christy 

(pictured in photo above, from left to right:  Brother George Cherrie and Sisters Gloria Miller, Mary Kilgariff, and Timothy Gallagher (our Sister of Mercy) pull the winning raffle tickets on Mercy Day)




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