Joyful Ending…Margine Sako retires after 21 years!

In December, I happily retired from St. Mary’s. Overused but truthful, “it went so fast!”

I am most proud of and grateful for:   

  • Amazing working relationships with the fabulous four:  Foundation Board and donors, physicians, hospital administration and staff, and the Sisters of Mercy.
  • Dedicated capital campaign committee that completed the first major campaign in a deep recession.
  • A supportive Board who sustained a strong course through three corporate transitions and eight hospital administrations.
  • With colleagues and generous donors raised $34M and transferred over $35M to St. Mary’s.

It’s impossible to thank each Board member sufficiently for outstanding leadership, counsel, and generosity.   It was always a pleasure working with the Chairs:  Gene Payne, Cynthia Rowland, Doug Dillard, Charles Higueras, Dr. Richard Podolin, Fred Ruhland, Pam Steckroat, and Dr. John Umekubo.  


A career in a large corporate system hospital is a challenge, and supportive executives are lifelines.  There are none better than Fred Najjar, Drew Gagner and Tamra Buntrock who have seen it all with me, and Markham Miller.

We had immense fun at the galas, Dr. Murray’s golf tournaments, and events with Willie Brown, Kamala Harris, Dr. William McGann, and Nancy Pelosi. More importantly, recognized all donors and any gift from $1 to $3 million.   


Unfortunately, this message cannot list everyone who made my work exciting and rewarding -- thank you all!


With the warmest of memories,




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