Pam Steckroat: The Importance of Planned Giving

Our very own St. Mary’s Foundation Board Chairwoman, Pam Steckroat, never forgot her quality experience that was filled with #humankindness at our hospital.  Thanks to her generous inclusion of the Foundation in her living trust, more patients will have the opportunity to share that experience in the future. She has always been passionate about access to and equal availability of quality health care. Her inspiration to become more involved in her preferred local hospital as a board member and include St. Mary’s in her will happened after she had a wonderful experience several years ago when she had her hip replaced by Dr. William McGann.  

Pam attended and is philanthropically involved with her alma mater Michigan State University (MSU) as well. She also attributes her deepening connection with the hospital to her anesthesiologist, Dr. Merton Goode.  Before going under for her hip replacement, they began to chat and prior to counting backward from ten, they discovered both were grads from MSU.  She immediately knew she was in good hands.  "We are so grateful for Pam's generosity and foresight," said Margine Sako, Vice President of the Foundation. "For many of our board members, their experience with our hospital physicians and staff affected their lives personally on so many levels. Her gratitude to St. Mary’s will now directly impact future patients in need."



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