Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at the St. Mary's Medical Center Foundation is made up of volunteer members of our community who generously donate their time and expertise to raise funds for St. Mary's Medical Center. These Directors represent leaders in our community, each bringing their knowledge and new ideas to the Foundation’s efforts.



Pam Steckroat


John Christian


Fred Ruhland

Vice Chair

Aaron Nelson


Board Members

Michael Brown



Catherine McCausland



Leo Petroni



Mary Rotunno



Nick Simpson



Jossette Y. Thompson


Justin Tse


John I. Umekubo, MD


Sister Susan Vickers, RSM

Jenn Wynn



  • Doug Dillard

  • John A. B. Espiritu

  • Charles A. Higueras

  • David W. Lyon

  • Patrick R. McKenna

  • Kenneth J. Mills, M.D.

  • William J. Powers

  • Cynthia R. Rowland

  • Stanley K. Yarnell, M.D.


David G. Klein, M.D., MBA

Hospital President

Carl Bricca, M.D

Chief of Staff

Margine Sako

Vice President