Doctors' Day 2014

On June 4, 2014, the Foundation celebrated our 2nd Annual Doctors’ Day Celebration to thank our physicians for their hard work and our donors for their incredible support of St. Mary’s. Throughout the months of February, March, and April, the Foundation received 300 gifts totaling over $30,000 from donors in honor of their special physician(s) for National Doctor’s Day on March 30th.

The early evening began in the transformed hospital lobby with drinks and appetizers to welcome physicians, donors, and guests for a wonderful night of socializing as well as the unique opportunity to finally spend time with one another outside of a doctor’s office!

Foundation Executive Director Margine Sako, began the program and welcomed special guest speaker, former Rolling Stones writer and interviewer of the stars, 3 time Emmy award winner, KSAN DJ, “but most importantly…” Margine joked, “$99,000 winner on Wheel of Fortune!” - Ben Fong-Torres. Since his article “Hip replacement patient agrees: It's easier than it sounds” was featured in SFGate, we couldn’t think of a better person to speak on their personal experience with the hospital. With his personal camera crew in tow, Ben described his time at St. Mary’s with Dr. Jennifer van Warmerdam with light-hearted humor, stating that Dr. van Warmerdam is not only, “easy on the eyes” but looks so young that his wife, Diane even requested to see her ID before the operation!

Ben went on to announce the 8 physicians on the Honor Roll for Doctors’ Day 2014 (here is the full list of physicians honored):

Tied for 6th:

  • Dr. Charles Allison
  • Dr. John Umekubo
  • Dr. Jennifer van Warmerdam

5th place

  • Dr. Pamela P. Lewis

And tied for 4th place:

  • Dr. Francis Charlton, Jr.
  • Dr. William McGann
  • Dr. Richard Podolin
  • Dr. Kenneth Yamamoto

Hospital President, Anna Cheung presented each physician with a gift from the Foundation and congratulated and thanked each of the physician. As Ben said his final goodbyes, Dr. Richard Podolin, Foundation Board Chair and 2014 Honor Roll physician, presented our top 3 physicians of 2014.

3rd place - Dr. Gerald Murphy
2nd place - Dr. Kenneth Mills
1st place - Dr. Remo Morelli

The top three honored brought in a total of 68 gifts totaling over $10,000!  All three have not only been amazing physicians, but continue to be loyal to St. Mary's after many years. Drs Murphy, Mills, and Morelli first and foremost thanked their patients for being honored and were very grateful for all the love they continue to recieve.

Thank you for all those who supported our 6th year of celebrating Doctors’ Day!



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