Doctors' Day 2013

Every day, St. Mary’s physicians save lives, keep us healthy, and care for us through some of the most difficult and emotional times. They are skilled healers and trusted patient advocates that continually provide high quality care. To celebrate Doctor’s Day, St. Mary’s Foundation has encouraged grateful patients to share their appreciation and good health by making a gift in his or her honor. Each physician honored receives a Doctors’ Day letter acknowledging grateful patients’ support, along with a personal note. Among our medical staff of over 600 physicians, 185 have been honored in the past five years totaling 1,250 gifts and raising over $120,000 for St. Mary’s.

This year, to give special recognition to our St. Mary’s physicians and thank our generous donors, the Foundation held its first annual Doctor’s Day Celebration on June 5th to commemorate our five years of donations and acknowledgements. Almost 100 guests were in attendance as physicians and patients were able to come together outside of the usual doctor’s office. Posters around the room listed the names of those honored with special acknowledgements to Dr. Charles P. Allison, Dr. William McGann, Dr. Gerald Murphy, Dr. Richard Podolin, and Dr. John I. Umekubo for making the honor roll.

The program began with a warm welcome and introduction from hospital president, Anna Cheung. Dr. Robert Podolin led the ceremony and introduced friend and patient of St. Mary’s, Robert Sarlatte. Sarlatte spoke about why St. Mary’s was unique to him- from being born in the facility to being close friends with Dr. Francis Charlton, Jr.; and even joked about being seen by and operated on by nearly all of the physicians listed on the posters. However, all jokes aside, his message was clear- he is and always will be grateful for the physicians that give him personalized care and compassion.

To close the program, the announcement of the top three physicians was announced (in order) Dr. Remo Morelli, Dr. Francis Charlton, and Dr. Ken Mills. Since 2009, all three physicians received the most recognition from patients and remained at the top of the list for the past five years. All three were presented with a special gift from the Foundation and spoke about their practices and their appreciation for having such wonderful patients.

Through the outpouring support from donors, it is obvious the impact physicians have made in the lives of their patients. Many heartfelt words were expressed in person as patients stated their gratefulness for their physicians. One stated, “Not only are they great healers, they are great people. Without them I would not have been able to keep my spirits high for not only me, but my family as well. For this, I will be eternally grateful.” With kind words such as these, we were able to acknowledge our physicians for their exceptional care and compassion. During the celebration, among physicians and patients alike, it could be heard and seen that St. Mary’s has a special place in their hearts with patients thankful for their physicians and physicians grateful for their patients. Everyone was proud to be a part of this touching celebration. 

(pictured in photo on top is left to right: Dr. Richard Podolin; Dr. Francis Charlton, Jr.; Dr. Remo Morelli; Dr. Ken Mills; Dr. Charles Allison; Dr. William McGann)



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